Interlibrary Loan

librarian ILL loan.jpg       Let's Us Help you find a book not located in our library 

Our library is connected to other libraries throughout the state. If you can't find an item in this library, ask library staff to help you get it from another library.

Limited resources and space prevent us from acquiring everything that is published, so we buy the books and materials that most match the use and requests of our patrons.  However, our library is part of a network of participating libraries (Silo) which are willing to loan out materials to other libraries and we can usually borrow items we do not own from another library.  This is called interlibrary loan.  This service is a great way for us to expand the range of materials we provide for our patrons.  

If we don’t have the book (print or audio), CD, DVD, or magazine that you are looking for, ask the staff to get it for you from another library.  Requests can be made in person, by phone, or by email (

Most items are delivered to our library in 7 days. The loan periods vary, but you are able to keep most items at least 4 weeks.  The staff will inform you of the loan period when you pick up the item.

Interlibrary Loan Policy

updated 2-2020

  • This service is currently provided free of charge if items are borrowed through IAShares courier and doesn't have to be mailed.  If item is mailed we ask for a $2.00 postage charge. 
  • You should pick up the requested item within 3 days of receiving notice that the item is at the library.
  • Materials should be returned by their due date.  If you return materials late, you will be expected to pay any overdue fines charged by the lending library.
  • If the borrowed material is damaged while in your possession, you will be expected to pay the lending library the cost of replacing the item.