For Parents


Open Borrowing Privileges (Parents will want to know) The library maintains collections of materials for children, young adults, and adults. Anyone regardless of age may select from any part of the library collection. To serve varied interests and points of view, we select materials from a broad range of political, economic, religious, artistic, and philosophic viewpoints. Whether a book on sex education, information on controversial issues, or a videotape rated “R” by the Motion Picture Association of America, the Library may own materials on subjects that you, as parents, may consider unsuitable for your own children. The Arlington Public Library has a strong commitment to a policy of open access by which all materials are available to Library users regardless of age. Because we live in a democratic society which values freedom of thought and work, it is essential that the Public Library respect each person’s right to information and confidentiality, no matter the age. It is the responsibility of those parents who wish to monitor their children’s use of library materials to do so on their own.