Library Card



The Arlington Public Library registers all users.  Library cards are issued by request.  A physical library card is not needed to check out materials as all users are in the library's automation system.  Patron cards are updated yearly.


You may become a registered borrower if you are a resident of Arlington, rural Fayette County, or a cardholder from another Open-Access participating library.  There is no age limit on obtaining a library card but children under the age of 18 must sign and read our internet policy when applying for a library card.

Please print, fill out, and return to the Arlington Public Library along with a valid photo ID. registration form.


Patron type________________Card # __________ DL#__________________

(for office use only)

I, a redident of _____________________________, agree to obely all the rules and requlations of the Arlington Public Libray, to pay promptly all fines charged against me for the injuryor loss of materials, and to give immediate notice of any change of address.
Please Print


Street Address_______________________________PO Box______________

City, State, Zip____________________________________________________


Patron Signature:_________________________________________________

Parent or Guardian (if under 18)________________________________________________


Parents must read, understand, and agree to the Internet Usage Policy of the Arlington Public Library in order to have internet access.

Internet/Computer Policy